James Strand

With a heritage deeply rooted in pop and ballads, Vancouver BC based producer and songwriter James Strand has been putting out songs for over 20 years. He is known for his signature sounds of Bosendorfer Piano and symphonic strings which encapsulate magic, passion and warmth in every bar of his versatile songs and productions. He cites Billy Joel, Elton John, Supertramp, Michael Jackson and Bryan Adams as influences that helped him produce the music that has been his signature.

Professionally, James has been the founder and CEO of In-Motion Talent which has been one of the major TV and Film representation agencies in Western Canada since 1995. Despite his great success in the film & TV industry, James has not pushed music aside and has created strong artistic connections and collaborations with the Vancouver pop music scene. He has worked and written with Sean Hossein of Banana Toons, Troy Samson of Madlucky Music, two of Vancouver's Top music producer/song writers whose music has charted in both US and Canadian Billboard Charts. He has also co-written Danielle St Pierre’s ‘You are the one’ for her debut album WITH YOU which played on Much More Music and adult contemporary stations for months across Canada. James’ Holiday ballad ‘Cause it’s Christmas’ gained popularity in Atlantic Canada during the holiday months of 2019. Being a Vancouver Community College School of Music certified Music Producer and Film Scoring Artist, he has been successfully merging the latest music technology innovations in his songs and productions. His open mind and fierce love of rich and emotional music has progressed him to be a producer who is sought after by musicians and songwriters from Vancouver, Istanbul and Santiago.

  • Genres :
    Pop / Singer-Songwriter Genre / Ballad

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